Writing Resources

Over the course of the past year or so, I have been writing and posting several articles on craft/publishing and how I approach these topics after 10+ years of being a part of this field. I’ve decided to compile them here, so you may read them at your leisure. I love studying craft and reading craft books, so there will no doubt be more of these articles in the future.


“Understanding Story Structure via Midpoints”
(introducing my “freehand compass method”)

“ESL Writers – How Our 1st Language Affects Our 2nd”

“Can you have fantasy without magic?”

“On “Talented” Being (Unintended) Blanket Praise”

“Prodigy ≠ Perseverance (the one about age)”

“On Writing Professionally in Your Foreign Language”

“On the Toxicity of Twitter & Authors Migrating Away”

“My Writing Process & Go-to Resources”
(introducing my basic approach to writing a book)


“Video: “On Craft” #1″
(writing pitfalls)

“Video: “On Craft” #2”
(structure time for writing)

“Video: “On Craft” #3”
(overcome writer’s block)