Writing Resources

Over the course of the past year or so, I have been writing and posting several articles on craft/publishing and how I approach these topics after 15+ years of being a part of this field. I’ve decided to compile them here, so you may read them at your leisure. I love studying craft and reading craft books, so there will no doubt be more of these articles in the future.


“My Writing Process & Go-to Resources”
(introducing my basic approach to writing a book)

“Understanding Story Structure via Midpoints”
(introducing my “freehand compass method” to plotting a book)

“Why a Query Hinges on Character”
(introducing my basic advice for writing a query)

“The Thing About Character Agency”
(advocacy for passive characters)

“My Foray Into Short Fiction…”

“ESL Writers – How Our 1st Language Affects Our 2nd”

“Can you have fantasy without magic?”

“On “Talented” Being (Unintended) Blanket Praise”

“Prodigy ≠ Perseverance (the one about age)”

“On Writing Professionally in Your Foreign Language”

“On the Toxicity of Twitter & Authors Migrating Away”


WriteHive 2022 Presentation: “Character Agency: A Balance of Action & Reaction”

“Video: “On Craft” #1″
(writing pitfalls)

“Video: “On Craft” #2”
(structure time for writing)

“Video: “On Craft” #3”
(overcome writer’s block)