Video: “On Craft” #3

I recently filmed another short craft video as part of my involvement with the South Gate Creative Writing School here in Denmark (link). In this video, I talk briefly about how I overcome writer’s block. For the final version of the video in which other authors discuss the same, check out the school’s youtube here.

Here I talk about three ways that I overcome writer’s block (although I have many more):
1) Have a side project/pet project/fun project in a different genre
2) Aesthetics/moodboards
3) Talk to your friend about your block OUT LOUD

Drabble: Making Light of Dark



Got my newest drabble posted on – go check out the site; it’s great!

By A.R. Frederiksen “I wish they’d just take it,” her mother said. “It can’t be worse, can it?” Julia looked from her coffee cup to the fridge. A myriad of notes, all A4 with no post-its in sight, sat plastered all over the appliance, the lettering dark and big and bold. Too big and too […]

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