20min Drabble Challenge: “Monolith”

Shoutout to @stnorahed on twitter for the word prompt! The 20 minutes is from the moment I jot down the first word till I write the last. I’ll sit and consider the theme and the visual imagery for some minutes beforehand, oftentimes googling images of the word.

Every day the molehill grew higher until it rose like a monolith in my backyard, haloed by the sun and moon. It became obvious it wasn’t a molehill, but my neighbor called the cops before I could decide what to do about it myself. The journalists and photographers came after the cops had done their stint. The scientists came last, carrying equipment bigger than themselves. These days, nobody comes.
I haven’t heard a word from anyone.
The molehill keeps growing.
It’s not a molehill, but nobody will tell me what it is.
Guess I’ll have to find out for myself.

FiftyWordStory #8

It felt similar to tearing out a piece of hair by its root. That was when she realized the plants were growing from her body – not on it. Whilst asleep, she had become a human flowerbed. She feared she would vomit right there, on the bathroom floor, seeds and chlorophyll galore.