Drabble: “Gods of Egypt”

She wants to be a model, but she is born into a family of butchers.
At age twenty, she sleeps with a God of Egypt. He reaches up and touches her, bringing her through the nights with whiskers that poke her cheeks. One day, life grows inside of her. She calls him Moses, but one night Mr. Jackal pushes in too hard, and he takes Moses back; Moses will bring no plagues to Egypt. She changes her name to Nefertiti, a Queen of old, believing that this will leave no room for butchers – and yet, she knows, Mr. Jackal stays.

(Inspired by this poem of my own – also, this is a piece of fiction; I’m not out to bash religions or some such nonsense, m’kay? It’s pure creative inspiration, that’s all.)


FiftyWordStory #1

In old lore, necromancy is the craft of raising the dead. I don’t wander cemeteries in the dead of night, raising corpses from their graves, but you may call me a necromancer of modern times; death draws me in. It’s why I, like now, often find myself in, let’s say, dire straits?