Short Stories



THE MAD HATTER’S MAD WIFE” (Historical/gothic, Phantom House Press, OUT NOW)

Cora Hatterson’s husband has mad hatter disease, and Cora is determined to keep him from being sent to the asylum—even if that means she has to commit murder. Her husband might be mad with hats, but Cora is mad with love.

“THE CALLING OF WHITECREST LAKE” (gothic/historical horror, Quill and Crow Publishing House, OUT NOW):

A classic haunting. Meet my 1920s female journalist-with-something-to-prove who travels to Whitecrest Lake to interview a vaudevillian singer whose retirement was always a little too questionable. With good reason…

“MOTHER RAISED YOU WELL” (Horror/dark fantasy, Brigids Gate Press, OUT NOW)

A retired mermaid hunter who decides to adopt a mermaid to atone for a past that rapidly catches up with her.

“AS TWILIGHT FALLS ON SANDTHORN HALL” (gothic romance, Brigids Gate Press, upcoming)

Prepare for second chances, sandthorn remedies and suspicious practices among the sandy dunes…