UNMADE (Adult fantasy)

Experimenting with life & death might be every scientist’s dream—but having a god as your test subject makes it one scientist’s nightmare. When a friendship blooms against all odds, it starts to break when one woman’s dream proves to be the other woman’s burden.

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Commissioned Art by Céline Vu:

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THE DEATHSEA DYER (Adult fantasy)

Con-woman Idah has dedicated her life to scamming money from the royal coffers, hateful of the king who disgraced her parents, but when she’s propositioned by the handsome-but-stammering Prince Eske, she’s willing to make an exception. On the anniversary of their kingdom’s defeat of the carnivorous merfolk, the two of them steal a sacred artifact that binds the merfolk to the sea and the spiders to the woods. But even the best-laid plans…

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UNTITLED (Adult fantasy)

UNTITLED (Adult rom-com)