Adult Books

THE DEATHSEA DYER (Adult fantasy)

Con-woman Idah has dedicated her life to scamming money from the royal coffers, hateful of the king who disgraced her parents, but when she’s propositioned by the handsome-but-stammering Prince Eske, she’s willing to make an exception. On the anniversary of their kingdom’s defeat of the carnivorous merfolk, the two of them steal a sacred artifact that binds the merfolk to the sea and the spiders to the woods. But even the best-laid plans…

Status: shelved
Comp titles: reimagines and combines H. C. Andersen’s The Little Mermaid and The Emperor’s New Clothes, S. A. Chakraborty’s City of Brass, Rowenna Miller’s The Unraveled Kingdom, M. A. Carrick’s The Mask of Mirrors

Commissioned Art:

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UNMADE (Adult fantasy)

Status: querying

Experimenting with life & death might be every scientist’s dream—but having a god as your test subject makes it one scientist’s nightmare. When a friendship blooms against all odds, it starts to break when one woman’s dream proves to be the other woman’s burden.

Comp titles: A feminist, Frankenstein-esque gaslamp-ish retelling of the Snow Queen. Can also be pitched as Alix E. Harrow’s “The Once and Future Witches” meets Genevieve Gornichec’s “The Witch’s Heart” set to the soundtrack of Lowery’s “The Green Knight” (2021)—but sans actual witches.

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UNTITLED (Adult fantasy)

Status: drafting
Comp titles: N/A

UNTITLED (Adult rom-com)

Status: drafting
Comp titles: Channel 4’s “Escape to the Chateau” series

IF I WERE YOU (adult romantic and speculative histfic)

Status: shelved
Comp titles: Beauty and Beast retelling, Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca set to a Loreena McKennitt soundtrack.