As a child, A. R. Frederiksen wanted to be either a hairdresser, a florist, a horse, or an author.

Hair, flowers, and horses sadly haven’t played much part in her road to authoring, but that road has been interspersed with many other noteworthy vocations, such as seafood chef, caseworker, administrator, copywriter, writing teacher, English teacher, tutor, and newspaper delivery. In shuffled order.

Authoring won out when she was introduced to English as a preteen and instantly fell in love with a language much riper and vaster with words than her own. She’d always enjoyed writing in Danish, but English took it to new heights, and the deal was sealed when she later tried her trembling teenage hand at writing and posting fanfiction online.

Even today, she thinks there’s no sweeter rush than knowing someone will take the time to read the words she’s cooked up somewhere to the left of her brain, sometimes the right, and see themselves reflected in those words.

If you are one of those people, she thanks you from the bottom of her grimy, glittery heart.