My Works

Genre: romance, drama
Summary: Avery Miller snaps the picture of the year. If she plays her cards right, the photograph can make her career – indeed, her very life. Deciding to milk the situation for what it is worth, she scores the opportunity of a lifetime, assembling a portfolio for a critically acclaimed TV-series, but it also lands her in the constant presence of Isaac LeFoe, notorious star of the show. And that, fine as it may be, soon becomes a disastrous affair.

In the Land of the Yōkai: The Diplomat
Genre: fantasy, mythical
Summary: Yuuna’s diplomatic expedition to New Hokkaido goes wrong before it ever goes right, seeing her kidnapped the second that she steps a foot on the island. Chosen to officiate the first treaty of trade between humankind and yōkai since the split in ‘45, she’s now stuck as weak and squishy human leverage in a territorial dispute between two feuding yōkai powerhouses. She scrambles to form a plan of action that will free her from her political imprisonment, scouting for likeminded allies among the yōkai, but, as old as time itself, their way of life is not relatable. Yet, adamant to find common ground, she soon forges the unlikeliest alliance of all.

Beasts of Tomorrow
Genre: romance, soft sci-fi
Summary: In 2010, Aubrey lives in a world marked by a cold war between the humans and the crossbreeds. As the two co-existing species are pulled apart like stretched gum, Aubrey has her own trouble to deal with. She doesn’t care about the humans and their regrets. They’ve made their bed, and they have to lie in it. She cares only about the dead body she found inside her pub this afternoon, and how to get rid of it without involving the cops.