(More) Commissioned Art for my Adult Fantasy

Maybe some of you remember my blog post from December when I finally mustered enough courage to commission art for my adult fantasy, The Deathsea Dyer (working title).

Here, friends, is MORE ART!

I don’t do things by halves, so when I do them, I do them (after way too much research, but that’s my Type A showing, so don’t mind that). Like I said in my other commissioned art post, I compiled a list on twitter of artists whose style I loved. More particularly, I wanted to find an artist with a style that matched the mood and aesthetic of my WIP. In this case, that aesthetic was color and whimsy. A fairytale for adults. Think Brothers Grimm meets Studio Ghibli. Even before I compiled that list, though, I reached out to an artist whose style I absolutely loved: @popcorncheek. Their service was incredibly safe and thorough, and when they weren’t satisfied with the first sketch they made, well, then they made a brand new one entirely from scratch. Without me requesting it. That, to me, is the sign of an artist who cares about their art. I initially picked them for their incredible skill in depicting lighting, and I’m so inexplicably overjoyed with how the commission turned out. Look at that lighting! Look at that color! Look at those lines!

And now go commission some art from @popcorncheek yourself!

(do not repost!)

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