20min Drabble Challenge: “Pseudonym”

Shoutout to @violet_novella on twitter for the word prompt! The 20 minutes is from the moment I jot down the first word till I write the last. I’ll sit and consider the theme and the visual imagery for some minutes beforehand, oftentimes googling images of the word.

He sits before me by the wooden table we bought at a garage sale in Black Duck. “It’s—it’s like a pseudonym! Like your books!”
I taps my fingers on the wood, scoffing because I’m so very beyond feeling anything but disgust, although perhaps I should. Perhaps I should be sad. Another day, maybe. “A pseudonym? Are you kidding me?”
“A pseudonym. It’s like I’m two persons. Nothing I do with her matters when I’m with you.”
“Cheating is not the same as writing a bestseller under a fake name.”
He hesitates. “I didn’t say bestseller.”
I sigh. “Get out.”


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