20min Drabble Challenge: “Eerie”

Shoutout to @NC_kay_author on twitter for the word prompt! The 20 minutes is from the moment I jot down the first word till I write the last. I’ll sit and consider the theme and the visual imagery for some minutes beforehand. Also, shoutout to @KristynJMiller from whom I shamelessly stole Kitte.

I don’t like it when mom listens to her music.
It’s an old vinyl. The sound is eerie. Hollow.
I have no idea where she has the record from; the casing is blank.
It has six prominent scrapes from when Kitte, our family cat, pushed it off the coffee table a week before it died at the spry age of four.
I don’t like the record, but I can’t do anything about it; mom locks herself in her room when she listens to it. And now, after dad’s dead, I’m afraid to come home. I am afraid of my mom.


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