SixWordStory #2

A playground lies atop a graveyard.


  1. In my effort to avoid being productive I’ve decided to go back and find an old obscure post from each of my favorite bloggers and comment.

    First, this story was absolutely creepy 😱

    Do you ever just look back at your posts and wonder, “I wonder why no one ever said anything about that one” after you’ve spent countless seconds thinking up the six words to create your clever tale? *sigh* Well either way… JEEZ graveyard under a playground?! 😳

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    1. haha yeah, this one was originally a part of a story that dealt with zombies, so perhaps that bit of information will add some sense to it. In the original, it was a graveyard under a power plant, but that made seven words and not six, so I changed it to a playground, keeping the creep factor well and alive 😉

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      1. Yeah playground definitely takes the cake on creep factor… could you imagine discovering your pre-school shenanigans were all orchestrated above a old graveyard? 🤔 No thanks. Hello Kitty would not approve.

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